What is a diver training agency?

A diver training agency is an entity that :
- Creates, updates and controls the function of a diver training system (Training levels, diver theory content and structure, practical skills required for every level, training materials (books, CDís, Videos) etc
- Is manned by top level diving training professionals who prepare trainers that will teach Diving Instructors how to train divers
- Provides advice to diving professionals how to do their work effectively.

How many diver training agencies exist and how can a diver choose the one that is best for him/her

- There are hundreds of diver training agencies around the world. A diver should choose an agency that is recognized across the world and will allow a diver to dive anywhere in the world and continue his/her training anywhere in the world. This is achieved with mutual recognition agreements and approvals by certification bodies.

Is IANTD recognized worldwide?

- IANTD started in the USA and currently is a training agency well known across the world, famous for the introduction of Nitrox and Technical Diving into Recreational diving back in the late 80ís
- IANTD training program is certified to comply to the European Norms for recreational diving and is officially recognized in European Countries
- There is a regional IANTD office that takes care of any IANTD relevant affair for every country.

What kind of diver training is offered through IANTD

- Anything. With IANTD you can start from a beginner recreational diver to become a SCUBA diving Instructor or an experienced underwater world explorer using sophisticated diving equipment and techniques.

Why shall I choose IANTD and not any other recognized diver training agency?

- IANTD offers thorough training that reflects real world situations. Divers are prepared to enjoy diving in a safe environment that is created through a complete training system
- IANTD started with teaching complicated mixed gas diving techniques and kept the same principles into the Open Water recreational diving programs that where developed later on and not the other way round.

I am currently certified through another diver training agency. Can I continue my training with IANTD?

- Certainly. Nearly all agencies have ways to allow divers with other certifications to enter their system. The European Norms, Interagency agreements and other certification bodies approvals help in the standardization of this procedure and make it very easy.

What if I start an IANTD diving course during my vacation and I donít manage to finish it?

- No problem. Your instructor will give you a form that you will submit to the new instructor and you can simply continue your course anywhere in the world!

What happens if I loose my IANTD certification?

- You get in contact with an IANTD affiliated diving center anywhere in the world and they will make all proper arrangements for your replacement card to be issued.

Is there a list of IANTD Instructors and affiliated diving centers that I can look into?

What is the next level of training for me?

- Please look at Diver's Programs. or other relevant list under Training Programs.